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AlphaLine is a security service for Android phones that features a fully-featured, yet lightweight and easy to use web interface to track, lock, send messages and more directly to Android phones. Each account has at least 5 devices to control and track, and there are different plans that offer different features including Real Time tracking, geofencing and more. You could think of AlphaLine as a suped up version of Google's own Android Device Manager, with super-quick infrastructure and avoidable pricing, AlphaLine is designed for both small and large business that wish to track multiple devices at any given time. It's been in public beta for some time now, but has finally broken free and is available to everyone.

First of all, you'll need to head on offer to the AlphaLine website to register an account.


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You can choose from one of three different plans, and you can also choose as many devices as you like to track through one account, within reason.

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You don't need to enter credit card info for the free trial if you don't want to, and you get 2 weeks free to try it out. After setup, there's the Android app to be downloaded from the Play Store here. All that's needed on the Android app is to login with your info, and then name your device.

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This is a pretty interesting feature, as a business owner could name their phones given to traveling reps things like "Tom's Work Phone" or something to that effect, it adds a small, yet significant method of control to things. Users will have to make the AlphaLine app a device administrator for everything to work okay.


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I'm not so sure about the battery life constraints with AlphaLine and real time tracking, but it definitely works, and it's super-quick as well. I was able to find this test G4 in no time flat in my first test.

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I was impressed with how quick and how accurate this feature was right away. Geofencing is a big feature of AlphaLine as well, as this allows certain parts of the app to be activated when the device leaves a certain area or enters it. For instance, should you have a tablet used in store for ordering online or registering customer email addresses, you can set up a geofence around your store. A rule could be that once it has left this fenced area, the device is automatically locked, preventing data loss.

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Another key feature from the web interface is the ability to send messages directly to devices. These could be a phone number for a lost phone, a message to an employee or whatever else, each message can be 320 characters in length.


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Messages appear both inside the AlphaLine app on Android as well as a normal notification, too.

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You can absolutely remote lock and wipe using AlphaLine (that's where the Device Administrator part of the app comes in), but you can also make the phone scream. This sets the flashlight into a sort of strobe mode, and the alarm tone will go off at full volume, this can be controlled with some serious granularity on the website, too.

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There's a lot on offer here with AlphaLine security, and I've just scratched the surface of what's available. It's really, really quick as well. Of course, this does depend somewhat on your connection speed at both ends, but for me the commands were almost instant. For small businesses as well as large ones, AlphaLine offers a way to track and record multiple devices from one, unified web interface. This is a great way of keeping track of employer-issued smartphones and devices, and you can use the message tool to send out information to people from the office, and there are all sorts of security features like remote lock and wipe as well as some very clever geofencing capabilities. It's also not that expensive, and while there is a cost associated, businesses will appreciate being able to keep devices grouped together.



  • Speed (5/5) – This is one of the quickest security apps of this nature that I've used in quite some time, and it all comes together for a speedy and reliable service.
  • Theme (4/5) – The Android app for AlphaLine feels a little dated, but it gets the job done. The web interface is uninspiring, but easy to use and it works on any platform as well.
  • Features (5/5) – No question, AlphaLine ticks all the right boxes for both personal and businesses alike. It's easy to use and comprehensive right from the word go, offering users a lot of control and reliable results.
  • Overall (5/5) – It might not be the prettiest security app out there, but with a starting point of five devices and advanced features that work super-quick, it's hard to beat AlphaLine for ease of use and straightforward usability.


  • Offers 'scream' feature to make a device known and heard, with lots of control available online including duration.
  • Real-time and GPS tracking is very accurate and well-represented using Google Maps on the web interface.
  • Remote lock, wipe and a message system all help to make this a great way to keep track of and keep secure all your different devices out in the field.
  • Web interface is nice and easy to use, no matter the amount of devices as they can all be named as well making things nice and simple.


  • Might have an adverse effect on battery life, but didn't seem to effect mine.
  • Free plan for one device for personal users would be nice to see.

Overall, AlphaLine Security has a whole lot to offer small and large businesses alike with features that range from helpful, to no-brainers. The amount of control and ganularity here is a welcome sight as well. Little things like naming devices whatever you want, as well as the duration of the scream effect all make for some excellent features that many users will enjoy. With a free two-week trial as well as low-cost plans, there's no reason not to try AlphaLine if you're need of such features.

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