Sony Installed A Screen Protector On The Xperia Z3+


As the Sony Xperia Z3+ becomes available in more regions, the more is becoming know about the handset. At first sight, it might look a lot like its predecessor, maybe just a little shinier. Then, further inspection reveals that it is slimmer, lighter, the micro USB port used for charging the device's battery is no longer covered by a flap (even though it keeps the IP68 rating making it waterproof and dustproof). Gone is the magnetic port for the dock in the left side and the front-facing stereo speakers are now better integrated with the design, as they are located on the edges of the device making them almost invisible. Another less noticeably visible change is that the front-facing camera is now located on the left side of the logo. The FFC comes with its resolution increased to 5 megapixels and it features a wide-angle lens equivalent to a 25 mm one. So more elements can fit into the photos taken with it.

Then, once users started receiving their devices, some other improvements were noticed compared to previous generations. The screen now seems to be better in every sense and in spite of keeping the same size and resolution from the Xperia Z3 and the Xperia Z2. The display on the new device is brighter and shows warmer tones, plus, it seems to perform better when it gets wet, as it doesn't allow the droplets to be recognized as touches. Now, it is reported that the Xperia Z3+ comes with a screen protector pre-installed.


This is not entirely new for the company, as the Xperia Z and Xperia Z1 both included screen protectors and if users managed to take them off (which wasn't a simple task), their devices would become unbranded as the logo was printed into the protectors, they would scratch easily and worst of all, the glass covering didn't feature an oleophobic coating. The screen protector isn't as bad though, it seems that it's pretty much like any other plastic protector you would buy or even those included in the box of its predecessors. Only this time, Sony has saved them the process of installing it by themselves as users get a perfectly fine piece of tempered glass with oleophobic coating covering their displays.

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