Skype For Web Beta Available To Anyone In The U.S./UK

AH Skype 1.0

Skype is probably the most well-known service for web-based voice and video calls, and with the advancement of smartphones and native applications it’s easy to skype on the go. Not everyone wants to download an app though, and some would prefer to just use a web interface if given the opportunity. Today Skype has announced that anybody who uses Skype can now access Skype for Web beta without having to download and install any apps to get the use of voice calls or video calls with your contacts. The beta is open to anyone in the U.S. and the UK as of today and can be accessed simply by navigating to skype.com or web.skype.com and logging in with a Skype account.

This makes it easy for anyone to still access skype calls and IMs by going to the website and getting the same features without having to install the native app, which can be especially useful for anyone wanting to save a little space. This also makes it completely open to Chrome OS users from the Chromebook just by opening up Chrome, going to the website listed above and logging in as described. Skype is advertising this as an easier and faster way to access your Skype calls without having to install anything, so if you don’t have the time or simply just want to jump right into a conversation, you can do so.

Skype states that using the web service is fast as logging in, as contacts and already existing conversations sync in mere seconds upon logging into the site. If you typically use the Skype application on your Android device for communication with your mobile, the next time you log into Skype for Web beta through Chrome on your desktop/laptop or Chromebook, everything in the conversation from the app will sync up quickly. Unfortunately the Skype for Web beta access isn’t available for the Android version of Chrome, and Skype doesn’t mention whether or not it will be.