Rumor: OnePlus 2 To Cost 1999 Yuan ($322) At Launch


The OnePlus One has been continually the talk of the town over the last year, which is not that surprising. The company initially touted their One phone as a 'flagship killer' and to some respects, that is exactly what they managed to bring to market. Of course, they did not kill off any of the flagship devices and by the look of the sales of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, it doesn't look to have made any major impact going forward either. However, what the launch of the One did (as well as the options that have been coming from companies like Xiaomi and Huawei) is make consumers think about how much they are paying for a flagship device. The One came with much of the same specs as many of the other devices that were released last year, but also came with a much lower (less than half in some cases) price.

As such, the anticipation of the follow-up device, the OnePlus 2 is one which is suddenly building in momentum. Up until now, the anticipation behind the second OnePlus device was there but a little muted as no firm details on when the device would be outed were known. That said, more recently the company has begun its direct promotional campaign for the OnePlus 2 with all the evidence pointing to an unveiling next month. Not to mention, the teaser images are also now beginning to surface.


Of course, one issue which will be of paramount to OnePlus and their potential buyers of the OP2, is the price. It has long been expected that the OnePlus 2 would come with a much higher price point than the One. Which to many consumers might be a reason to avoid buying the follow up device. After all, it's price was initially its main attraction. As such, the current thinking is that the OnePlus 2 is likely to land somewhere around the $400 to $500 marker. Like the One, there is also likely to be more than one memory variant on offer and therefore, the price will differ slightly between them. However, a new report which is emerging today is suggesting that the OnePlus 2 might actually launch in China for 1999 Yuan, which equates to roughly $322. As such, if this particular rumor is correct, then the likely price of the OP2 in the U.S. might be very close to the $350 marker. Which in reality would once again make the sequel device quickly become a very competitive option. Of course, this is not confirmed as yet and is still very much a rumored price. Nonetheless, an interesting one.

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