Rumor: Are Google About To Launch A Monthly Movie Pass?

Google started with a search engine based around a new algorithm and over the years has built itself into a service provider offering customers a large number of free and paid-for products and services, including Gmail (or Googlemail), Calendar, YouTube the Chrome browser, and via the Google Play Store, a blend of applications, games, music and movies. With regards to the music, we've seen Google's Play Music service expand to offer customers the ability to store music behind their Gmail account, originally a limit of 20,000 tracks and more recently 50,000 tracks. Google also offer a Music Unlimited subscription service, where for a small regular commitment, Google will give you unlimited access to the entire music collection. For people who love their music, or who listen to a lot, the Google Play Music Unlimited is a great service. Google have also been heavily advertising the service using Android and the web browser.

The story today is that Google may be planning to do something similar with their movie catalogue, opening the service up for customers to subscribe to it on a monthly basis and have access to Google's movie and, presumably, television service. In other words, Google may be encroaching on Netflix's space - although Netflix have something of a headstart and their business plans show that they are investing significant sums of money into becoming a media creator as well as online broadcaster. Nevertheless, it seems likely that no business - no matter how big - wants to hear that Google are entering their market, although perhaps Netflix will respond by welcoming the competition? This could be good news for consumers when the service is launched in their home country as it may encourage Netflix to reduce their prices, but ultimately this might be bad news as it could prevent Netflix from investing into their own television services

This rumor stems from Hugo Seijas, a Google+ user, posting an image from another Google service, the Survey application. The screenshot shows the question, "Do you have a Google monthly movie pass?" and gives customers a choice of three responses. The image appears to show that Google are conducting the survey... and at this time there is no such thing as a Google monthly movie pass. However, it has caused people across the Internet to ask the question if Google are working on releasing this service. However, we have no other reports across the Internet so at this juncture, the story remains a rumor. We will keep you posted.

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