Rovio Launches Match 3 Puzzle/RPG Angry Birds Fight!

Rovio is best known for the original Angry Bids titles, but they have had had a few themed versions of Angry Birds as well as a few spinoff titles which don't follow the physics based format, such as Angry Birds GO, Angry Birds Epic, and Angry Birds Transformers. Now, they have just released a new game as of yesterday evening which not only breaks away from the original game type, but also merges two game types in this "cultural mashup" genre duo called Angry Birds Fight. Without knowing anything about the game, and without seeing screenshots of what type it is, you might take this for a fighting game of sorts starring Angry Birds characters. That couldn't really be further from the truth as it marries the genres of a Match3 puzzle game together with some RPG elements.

The word "fight" in the title comes from the aspect of PvP implementation into the game, as Rovio has baked in the ability for players to engage in real-time battles against other players to test their wits and skill in heated matches. Think of the gameplay as being similar to Puzzles and Dragons, another popular game in the Asian market as well as here in the U.S. which fuses together match3 puzzle and rpg like gameplay. The goal of the game is simple, match as many panels as you possibly can before the time runs down on the clock to be the victor and stand tall over your friends (or foes) as the reigning supreme Angry Birds Fight champion.

The game lets you pick your bird and equip it with weapons and armor which much like an rpg game, will boost your stats and abilities and give your different attacks and defenses. As you play you're rewarded for faster matching by getting powerups for your bird, and you get unique special skills by matching 4 or 5 panels together instead of the traditional 3. This is a free game, and it does offer in-app purchases, but just by playing you can earn birds coins, which is the in-game currency that buys weapons and other items/gear to outfit your bird. If you're a fan of either puzzles, birds, rpg titles, Angry Birds, Japanese culture, or rubbing victorious matches in the faces of your friends or all of the above, give Angry Birds Fight a chance and see how you do.

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