Reports Of Moto X (2nd Gen) Verizon Soak Test Beginning


When it comes to Android 5.0 (Lollipop), Motorola have had quite the turbulent time. When the update was first announced, Motorola was one of the first out of the gates to make their intention clear, to deliver Lollipop to their devices quickly. At first this seemed to be going to plan with Motorola updates beginning to trickle out and even before some Nexus devices. However, as the rollouts began to become wider, things began to get a little messier and over the last few months, updates from Motorola has been both up and down and at times, sporadic. No more so then for the flagship Moto X devices.

A couple of days ago though, there was a flurry of activity in the next installment of the post-Android Lollipop updates, Android 5.1. The activity came in the form of Motorola confirming that both the first and second generation Moto X's were beginning their soak tests for the Android 5.1 update. However, at the time the news was only relative to a number of regions and countries for each device. In terms of the U.S., neither device was listed as receiving its soak test yet.


That said, it now seems that there are some reports emerging from users that soak testing is about to begin in the U.S. and specifically, on Verizon. None of this is confirmed from the carrier as of yet, although the users are reporting that they are being invited to take part in a preview of "a new software release". Of course, even this does not guarantee that it is an Android 5.1 update specifically. However, the chances are good that it very well might be. It is not clear as of yet, whether the soak test has definitely begun today, but it is expected to be in full swing over the weekend. Therefore, if you own a Moto X (2nd Gen) on Verizon, then you might want to keep a look out for anything coming through. Either way though, if this is Android 5.1 arriving in soak form, then the good news is that the update is readying for the much wider and highly awaited full deployment.

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