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Promoting your app has never been more important. That sentence is needed to kick start any article about app monetization as without promotion and advertising, an app has a very little chance of reaching the number of users or downloads that you want. This is an across-the-board statement too. Although your app could be the first of its kind or an absolute masterpiece, if it is not correctly promoted and advertised then how will anyone know about it or that it is available? Therefore, when approaching advertising and promoting your app, this should be thought of, as almost as important as the actual app content. That said, promoting and advertising your app successfully is difficult. However, there are a few ways which can certainly make the process much easier and more beneficial and don't be scared of being creative.

Finished Product?

First off, the best way to promote your app is to make sure that it is in the best possible state it can be to be promoted. Therefore, before you submit to an app store, make sure the app is ready to go. Mistakes are hard to rectify afterwards and even though the urge might be to get any version of the app up and listed as soon as possible, waiting and making sure your app is in the best way it can be, will be of benefit in the long run. This includes making sure that you have an attractive and noticeable icon for your app. After all, it is likely that the icon is all the user will see when searching through the millions of apps on the Play Store. Therefore, a catchy icon will make the difference and attract readers to at least click and read on about your app. Speaking of app stores, another tip for promotion is to make sure you apply to as many app stores as you can. Although, many think of the Play Store when they think of apps, this is just one app store. There are a number of them out there and some are becoming increasing more important to developers. Take Amazon's Appstore as a prime example. Any and every download will help further promote your app, so make sure it is on as many virtual store shelves as possible.


Lastly, another great way to boost sales once your app reaches an app store, is to make a freemium version of the app. Although, 'free' might not sound like the best method for android monetization, it is worth remembering that freemium is now the most commonly used method for app developers, with the clear majority of all apps being freemium based apps. Let a user download now for free and make content payable within the app.

Use Social Media

For any app, social media can be one of the most beneficial (and sometimes cheapest) ways to promote your app. As well as hitting all the main social media outlets, make sure your app gets listed on Reddit and similar sites. The benefit of sites like Reddit, in particular, is that they have their own sub-reddits like 'Android'. These are the places you want to hit. Not to mention, you might even get some useful feedback in return. Another prime example of the use of social media is Facebook. Although, this sounds obvious, we are not talking about Facebook's main channel. Instead, use Facebook ads to specifically target the demographic that your app is most appropriate for and aimed towards. Social media targeting will make sure your app gets in the right hands quickly.

Another great example of social media promotion is YouTube. Once your app is ready (and in its final and best version), don't be afraid to knock up some videos detailing your app, its features and what makes it so good. Just make sure the quality of your YouTube video reflects the quality of your app. After all, the viewers will make this quality connection too.


Use Other People's Services

The first tip here for using third party services, could of as easily been listed under social media, as it involves using community-based services. After all, these are a microscale version of your app audience and therefore, making the content free to limited communities could be a great way to get the word out and get them promoting your app for you. Alternatively, there are a number of sites that offer the option to review the app for you with a view to increasing android monetization. This type of service will make sure your app reaches even more people and specifically ones who are interested in your particular platform. In this case, android. Another way via the third party route is by issuing a Press Release for your app. Now, this is a much harder route than many of the others listed but if a PR company publishes it, then you are halfway to getting other sites to publishing details on your app too and, therefore, promoting it.

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