Peel Smart Remote App Tops 100 Billion Commands

June 24, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

Peel just announced that its popular Peel Smart Remote app has generated 100 billion commands since its launch only three years ago…with one-half of those commands coming in just the last eight months.  This announcement follows a revamped version of its Android App that includes a customizable remote widget that can always appear on the lock-screen without ever launching the app.  Bala Krishnan, co-founder and chief product officer at Peel said, “We have a unique window into the living rooms of millions of households in 200 countries.  Our users have ‘Peeled in’ to 5 billion TV shows since we launched.  That’s currently 6 shows per second that we have viewer data on to help us improve our content discovery features and the overall performance of the app.”

In sifting through the information that Peel gathers from their app, those 10 billion commands show that in war-torn Syria, the top series is “Bab-al Hara,” that is about Syria in the 1930’s as it struggled to gain its freedom from the French.  That Samsung and LG have the lock on the number one and number two favorite brand positions in Dallas, Barcelona, Cairo and Rio de Janeiro, but in the number three spot in those same cities is Vizio, Sony, Toshiba and Philips respectively.  A viewer in the blue state of Massachusetts is 25-percent more likely to watch IFC’s “Portlandia” than a viewer in red state Tennessee.  It is strange how our viewing habits are different based on where one lives…but Peel can tell you all of the facts and figures, which is of course how they can make money on a free app.

Tom’s review of the Peel Smart Remote app gave it top marks and he concluded that, “Peel’s Smart Remote app is an excellent example of how software and hardware can work together to make things even easier than ever before…Simple and professional, Peel’s Smart Remote App is a complete solution that you will find a nice breath of fresh air.”  The app can be used to control not only your TV, but also your cable box, Blu-Ray player and hundreds of air conditioners and heaters, with more smart home appliances in the future.  Krishnan added, “We are already the #1 home control app in the world and a major source of entertainment content discovery for our users.”

As Tom pointed out, what makes the Peel Smart Remote app really ‘smart’ is its ability to learn what you like to watch and to find your favorite programs so you will not miss them.  You can search for things by name, see when they are on and then have Peel send that information to your cable box.  Peel’s technology is already built-in to other apps, such as Samsung’s WatchOn or Smart Remote and for HTC’s Sense TV – in fact, as of April 30, HTC closed down their Sense TV app and instead is pre-installing the Peel Smart Remote app on their HTC One M9.  It is a free app found in the Google Play Store so most smartphones can have access to it and it also works with Netflix.