OnePlus To Offer Free VR Cardboard To Watch OnePlus 2 Event

Oneplus vr

A short while ago, OnePlus officially confirmed the launch details of their highly anticipated sequel device, the OnePlus 2. For those that missed the earlier announcement, OnePlus have now finally confirmed that the OnePlus 2 will be unveiled at a special launch event on July 27th. The time of the event is set for 7pm PST time, therefore, depending on where you are, you will have to adjust the time if you want to tune in. For instance, those in the UK are looking at a 3am GMT start time.

The other interesting aspect which was announced along with the launch time and date, was OnePlus are planning to do the event in virtual reality (VR). It is not entirely clear what this will entail, but it is assumed that you will need to a VR headset or viewer of some sort to take part. Well, it looks like OnePlus are preparing for this and are planning to offer those interested, the opportunity to get their hands on a OnePlus branded version of Google’s Cardboard. The details on the OnePlus Cardboard (source link below) state that the actual Cardboard is free, however, you will have to pay for shipping. It is also worth pointing out that at the moment, the page listing details the Cardboard as “Available Soon” and therefore, they are not able to be ordered right now. As such, you will have to hold on and keep an eye on the page if you do want to secure one of the ‘Never Settle’ Cardboard viewers.

The OnePlus VR listing does highlight the companies interested in pursuing virtual reality and the listing goes on to explain how OnePlus see VR as an important aspect for the future. There is also a sign-up sheet where you can make sure that you are informed once the OnePlus Cardboard becomes available. It is also lastly worth pointing out, in typical OnePlus fashion, OnePlus detail that their Cardboard is thicker and stronger than the standard Cardboard 2.0 to ensure it is more durable. Not to mention, they have adjusted the size to make it a perfect fit for the OnePlus One and lastly, it has a special coating to ensure it remains dust and oil free. You can read the VR listing and add your name to the Cardboard list by hitting the source link below.