OnePlus Explain 810 & Confirm Price Higher Than Recent Rumors


OnePlus 2 news is back in full swing now and thanks to recent reports which have been emerging. Of course, all of this relates to the slowly approaching launch of the OnePlus follow-up device, the OnePlus 2. Up until now, most of the news incoming about the OnePlus 2 was largely rumored and unsubstantiated. However, yesterday came the news that OnePlus confirmed the inclusion of the highly contentious Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. This is a processor which has been making numerous headlines for suffering from overheating. As such, the rumors surrounding OnePlus possible using the 810 drew interesting debate on how the device would perform.

This led to OnePlus also detailing during their 810 announcement, that they had been working to make sure the performance is improved and will not be affected, which seemed to be a bid to stem the debate going any further. However, since the announcement, it seems many have been still questioning the logic of using the 810 and whether it was a move simply to save money by OnePlus. As a result, OnePlus have released another blog post today further explaining their position on the 810 and why they are using it. First off, OnePlus touch on the fact that the speculation behind the 810 is just speculation and nothing 'confirmed'. Further adding, that if there is any issue with the 810, their configuration is set to run at a lower 1.8 GHz to accommodate a cooler running temperature.


Following on from this, OnePlus make it clear that the choice to go with the 810 was not one which was budget pricing determined. Instead, OnePlus state they are paying 60% more for the 810 processors than they did for the Snapdragon 801's which appear in the OnePlus One. This point also led to OnePlus looking to squash another recent rumor. It had recently been widely reported that the OnePlus 2 is likely to come in at a much cheaper price than many had thought. Specifically, $322 and $350 prices have been touted in the last few days. Following on from OnePlus stating the higher cost of the 810 chips, OnePlus has also very firmly stated that the OnePlus 2 will not be as cheap as recently reported "We can tell you now that the price of the 2 will certainly be higher than $322". Which leads to the older assumptions that the OnePlus 2 is going to be higher priced unit on release. Those interested can read the blog announcement in full by clicking the source link below.

On a last point, the image below is said by OnePlus to be showing a OnePlus 2…albeit a very photoshopped one.

oneplus mad


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