New Oukitel Phone Packs 10,000mAh Battery Inside


In the land of smartphones there's a number of different types of thinking.  Some want super expensive phones that pack the latest in mobile processing technology and often times sport ultra thin bodies, defying what was once thought possible for how much technology could be packed in such a small shell.  These types of phones often have to sacrifice battery size for girth reduction, resulting in less than a day's battery in the worst case scenario.  Other people don't care about how thin their phones are, as phones haven't been truly thick for some time now.  These folks looking for longevity should be pretty excited about what Chinese OEM Oukitel has in store for them,

Sending in some teaser pics to Phone Arena, Oukitel accompanied the pictures with a little tidbit of information: this bad boy packs in an absolutely massive 10,000mAh battery behind its rubberized frame.  That's 4-5 times the size of the battery in your average smartphone, which means you'll likely only have to charge it on the weekends if need be.  Looking at the actual frame of the device it's rather surprising that they were able to fit such a massive stack of cells into a frame that doesn't look any different from any ruggedized smartphone on the market.


What's more is that it appears to be running a pretty stock version of Android if the few hints we've been given are anything to go by.  That means the latest version of Android, 5.1 Lollipop, and it appears that it might even use the standard software keys as stock Android is designed for.  There doesn't appear to be capacitive or physical buttons on the face of the phone, but the pictures aren't exactly straight on so it's a little tough to tell for sure.  Judging by Oukitel's other phones that retail around $200 this one likely packs specs that will make users more than happy with the performance of their new phone.  There's been more than one occasion where a phone that sells for under $200 brand new has surprised us with just how fast and fluid the experience could be.  We'll keep you informed as more is unveiled about this one.

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