New Lineup of Next-Gen ARM GPUs Showcased

June 18, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Unlike the PC world a GPU isn’t necessarily one of those things that mind be on the mind of a consumer when purchasing a new phone.  As a whole consumers can take for granted just what CPUs and GPUs actually power the devices they buy, so ARM is taking a moment to inform us about why their GPUs are better than the competition.  ARM has manufactured the Mali lineup of GPUs, or graphics processing units, for many years now and makes up a considerable chunk of the Android-powered device market.  These GPUs range from ultra high-end units found in Samsung’s latest Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge phones to the mid-range and entry-level GPUs found in the latest budget-minded phones.

ARM’s expertise in the GPU sector has shown itself on sheer numbers alone.  According to ARM’s statistics their Mali lineup of GPUs powers over 50% of all Android tablets out there, 20% of Android smartphones and a whopping 70% of DTVs.  ARM also states that they are the number 1 Android GPU IP supplier, a coveted position to have for sure.  ARMs current and upcoming lineup of GPUs include the Mali T830, T820, T720, T622, 450MP and 400 which all range from upper-end to entry-level according to the numbers.  These new GPUs will definitely find their way into the next Samsung phones powered by Samsung’s own Exynos CPUs thanks to a deal that was signed recently, guaranteeing their presence until 2020.

We’ve seen the competition heat up in the market recently as Intel has made their way into more and more smartphones and tablets over the last year.  What will be interesting is to see if that growth continues now that Intel is beginning to drop its subsidies for these chipsets, which was a great incentive to get manufacturers like Asus and others on board who now seem to be firmly planted in the Intel camp.  MediaTek has made a massive presence in China and other parts of the world as well, and to ARM’s benefit too.  MediaTek’s CPUs all power the computing experience but ARM’s GPUs deliver all the graphics processing horsepower in these chipsets, adding to the number of ARM GPUs out there.  Check out the ARM link below for more information on ARMs GPUs and their upcoming roadmap.