New Battery Tech from ZTE Could Increase Capacity 3X


Forget about all of the octa-cores and the quad-cores, the 3 and 4GB of RAM, there's one area of the smartphone that the industry drastically needs to address and that's battery life. No matter how good a smartphone any company seems to make, very few of them can deliver the sort of demanding battery life that we're after these days. Sony have offered devices with excellent battery life for some time now, but thanks mostly to large batteries around the 3,200 mAh size in devices that are often the same size or larger than other phones with larger displays and thinner bezels. ZTE, the Chinese company that's quickly becoming a name here in the West, has apparently come up with a new approach to squash in larger batteries, into smaller phones.

According to a leak out of China, ZTE have discovered a way to create batteries that fill even more of a device's empty space. While this is being hailed a new technology, companies have been applying methods to better fill batteries and their cases for quite some time now, but rather ZTE has found a way to mount these batteries inside of a phone, that better fits a curved device, for instance. According to reports, this should help increase the battery capacity in such devices by as much as 3 times conventional batteries, but only that, it will also lower costs by as much as 15%.


We're not entirely sure just when ZTE plans to roll this new battery tech into new smartphones, but considering the company is also quite fond of producing very thin devices, we'd imagine they'd want to get started sooner rather than later. Customers want thin devices, but also don't want to compromise where battery life is concerned, and so any new advances where battery technology is concerned will be welcome for those that are looking for better battery life as well as thin, appealing looking devices.

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