Motorola Launches My Moto Logo Design Contest For India

June 15, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Motorola’s Moto Maker website is a useful tool for those who like customization, allowing them to build their perfect devices with various different options like colored back plates, real wood backs, welcome screen messages, watch band choices and more. Moto Maker isn’t available everywhere but it had recently been brought to China and due to a couple of tweets yesterday it was believed that Motorola might be bringing Moto Maker to India, with hints that pointed to an announcement which was to be held on June 15th, today. As of this morning the details of Motorola’s tweets which seemed to suggest Moto Maker for India at the time are actually for a new website which allows Indian consumers to create a customized Motorola logo, which Motorola is holding a contest for to help celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Motorola batwing logo.

Those who choose to enter the contest can design their own custom Motorola batwing logo and Motorola is choosing six of the best designs, which are to later be made into the person’s very own customized bespoke Moto X down the road. While it gives a customized Moto X in a way, it will only be available to a chosen few unfortunately, but if you’re a resident eligible of competing you can try your hand at the contest and see how you do. According to the contest landing page entrants will need to think of a unique logo to create, and submit the entry one of a few different ways, either through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or they can submit the entry at

Motorola has a panel of judges which will end up picking the six winners who will then be getting much more than a customized Moto X designed through Moto Maker. Instead, the uniquely designed Moto X with a personalized logo will go out to each winner and be the only one of its kind which is surely very alluring to those who appreciate having something extremely unique. Motorola is running this contest for 10 days, which comes to an end June 25th at around 11:59pm India time. This is a contest only open to India citizens.

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