Motorola Begins Lollipop Soak Test For 2013 Moto X

Motorola's track record with software updates has been less than stellar this year, having fallen behind some of the other OEM's for the update to Lollipop on a number of their devices compared to the previous year when they sent out the updates for KitKat, which were nearly on par time wise with Google and the Nexus lineup. Suffice it to say, owners of the original 2013 model of the Moto X are still waiting on an update to Android 5.1 Lollipop, and DROID Turbo owners are patiently (hopefully) waiting for their update to Lollipop. There has been some silver lining though perhaps, as news broke yesterday that Motorola may be ready to update the 2013 Moto X to Android 5.1 sometime next week.

To potentially support this theory, it appears that the soak test for the 2013 Moto X has begun for Android 5.1, which could very well indicate an official release next week of the lollipop software to those who still own and use the device. Nothing is certain until it happens or is confirmed of course, but this definitely paints a brighter picture for those involved. It's worth noting though that this will also hinge on there being no problems or bugs with the software, which there is no way of knowing. Should things go well though, expect the updates to start rolling out sometime next week.

The news comes from Motorola's David Schuster, who states that the soak tests are beginning for the U.S. model Moto X from 2013 for their retail channels here, as well as a full soak test of the same software for the Moto X 2013 for the Brazil retail market and for Rogers up in Canada as of yesterday, so it seems Lollipop is due to be in full swing soon for the original Moto X owners save for there being any issues. Schuster also notes that anyone who is hoping to get the update notification for the software will need to have the latest version of Motorola update services or at least be on version 4 of that particular software on their device. Without being on this version the update notification will not show up.

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