Some Moto X (2014) Pure Editions Are Getting A New Update


Motorola has been using a very light customization of the Android operating system since the introduction of the first generation of the Moto X, which allows the company to deliver updates in a faster manner. Indeed, the company has been updating some of their devices to the latest version of the OS, Android Lollipop 5.1 and now some users are seeing a new update for the OS in the Pure Edition of the second generation Moto X, which is the version of the phone that doesn't have pre-installed apps from carriers and the updates don't rely on them as it is an unlocked and unbranded device.

Lollipop 5.1 doesn't bring too many changes and is intended to fix a bunch of bugs and other issues, but Motorola apparently had some trouble with it causing its delay in this particular device, but it was released about a month ago. Some of the changes included new volume controls and improvements in the Notifications section as well as the way the device handles interruptions in a certain time-frame. Swiping up a notification removes it from the screen, but it is kept in the notifications bar to be seen later. Some icons like WiFi and Bluetooth in the Quick Settings now display a pull-down menu to change the devices that will be connected and the icons that only show if the feature is being used can now be hidden by a long-press. The LED flash can be used as a flashlight and it can now be activated by two chopping motions without unlocking or waking the phone.


The version number of this update is 23.16.3 and if users don't get the notification, they can check it manually in System updates within the About phone section of the Settings menu. Reportedly, some users that already have a version of Android 5.1 won't be able to update to this version, so it might be intended for users with an earlier build or they might have to wait a little longer. Motorola did not communicate about this in any of their social networks, so the changes between versions and what is needed to update isn't that clear, but the update definitely seems to be happening as it appears in the company's site.

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