Mobile Developers Often Fail Monetizing their Apps

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Something that a lot of developers forget to plan out is how to monetize their app. The fact is, it’s a very important part of making an app or a game, especially if you want to make some money from that app. When you start out building your app, it’s a good idea to get a monetization strategy going. There are a few mistakes that developers make in failing to monetizing their apps, which we are going to go over today.

Not Integrating Ads

One of the biggest things is failing to integrate ads into their app. While a lot of users hate seeing ads in their apps that they use. Many know that ads are a necessary evil, in some way. It’s important to integrate ads in a way that they do not hinder the users’ usage of the app. For instance, you don’t want a big full screen ad to pop up in your app. As users will just close the app and uninstall it.

Identical iOS and Android Apps

While this may not seem like an issue for monetization, it is. Because Android and iOS app stores have different rules for their apps. And if you post a new app in the Play Store that looks like it belongs on iOS, users aren’t going to take you seriously. Because they feel that they won’t see any development on the app at all. Which plays into monetization. Basically, if no one is using your app, then monetization doesn’t matter.

Monetization Strategy

We touched on this already, but the lack of a monetization strategy is also a big mistake a lot of developers make. Before you even start coding a new app, you should have a monetization strategy in place to make some money through your app. It’s very important, this way you can afford to put food on your table and pay your bills. Like we stated above in the “Not Integration Ads”, it’s important to place ads strategically. You want users to see the ads, but you don’t want them to hinder the performance or the usage of the app.

Ad Networks

Another mistake developers make is sticking with the first ad network they find. While that may be good and all, it’s worth it to shop around, and see where you can get the most revenue. Ad platforms with a higher eCPM is a platform you’ll want to check out.

Ask for Help

If you are not sure what to do, there are plenty of ways to ask for help. A good place to start, actually, is Google+. There are a ton of great communities there for developers to get help and feedback on their apps.