Micromax CEO Expects Shift To Design Over Price In Future

micromax canvas a1 micromax logo

There is little doubting the influence companies like Micromax is having on the industry. Although, that influence will certainly have much more of an impact on its home market, India, the repercussions of a Micromax or a Xiaomi are far more wide-reaching. Which is one of the reasons as to why companies like Xiaomi or Micromax are so often in the headlines. Of course, the big selling points of these companies (and primarily where they have made their name) is price. In India, this is certainly the case with Micromax as they have consistently released phone after phone perfectly priced to attract consumers. That said, price is only one-half of the equation and certainly does allow Micromax to capture the price-conscious consumers. However, what Micromax has done to ensure they can compete with the like of Samsung and even dethrone them at times, is to ensure that their devices are on point when it comes to specs. By offering similar level spec devices at a fraction of the cost to other ‘bigger’ companies ensures they remain viable at any level of the market.

Well, in a recent interview with NDTV (source link below), Micromax CEO, Vineet Taneja has hinted that the Micromax of the future is unlikely to be solely thinking on the price/spec balance. In fact, like many other companies, it seems Micromax are moving into the ‘design’ sphere quite heavily. Furthermore, Taneja sees Micromax’ latest flagship offering, the Micromax Canvas Nitro 2 as a firm example of how the design matters. According to Taneja, “if you only look at the specs then you’ll find other phones that are up to 30 percent cheaper. But it’s selling fantastically well, because of the design.” Taneja believes it is this emphasis on design going forward that is likely to differentiate companies in a market which is overall price-driven “but the design and the look and feel is also very important. Today, the phone is probably the most personal device you have, and so design has become more important than ever.

According to Taneja though, an emphasis on design is not new and should really be expected as a company grows and evolves “Just selling specifications will only get you that far, and no more, especially when you go beyond the mass portfolio.” That said, in terms of looking forward to the year ahead and beyond, Taneja was less willing to go into detail, although did make it clear that the company will continue to release a high quantity of numbers between now and the end of the year. In fact, this will be in an effort to further widen their 4G coverage, which came across during the interview as equally important to Taneja as design. Further adding, that now is the time for the company to be making such big gains in the 4G due to its optimum timing “We’re actually at the right place at the right time, to take advantage of this wave, earlier we hadn’t been pushing on 4G because the network wasn’t in place and we didn’t want to just add cost to our devices, and now we’re able to offer people great value for money.” Those interested can read the interview in full by clicking the source link below