MediaTek Announces Helio P Series, Starting with Helio P10

MediaTek MWC AH 13

MediaTek has been an up and coming tech company for a while now, slowing developing steam as it chugged through evolving mobile tech.  Last year was a huge breakthrough for the Chinese chip maker, finding its chips in more phones than ever before and challenging the long-standing giant Qualcomm in many areas.  This year MediaTek is going for the throat, coming out swinging with what could be some of the best mobile chips ever made if the hype behind their Helio series is to be believed.  MediaTek already announced their highest-end chipset, the Helio X10, and now they’re branching out to the more familiar markets that MediaTek has traditionally covered.

Meet the Helio P series starting with the Helio P10.  The Helio P10 is a 2GHz, true Octa-core 64-bit processor based on ARM Cortex A53 CPU cores with a 700MHz dual-core 64-bit Mali-T860 GPU on board.  Slated to be available in Q3 2015 the Helio P10 will be a force to be reckoned with when it hits the market for sure, delivering a punch of power that many other chipsets may not reach.  The P series is designed for slim form-factor smartphones with premium flagship features, so this is likely to be appearing in many flagship phones from China and possibly elsewhere starting this fall.  MediaTek is just as focused on battery life as it is performance with this chipset, moving it to TSMC’s 28nm HPC+ manufacturing process which shrinks chips and saves up to 30% power consumption versus previous chips.

MediaTek is packing in the features with the Helio P10 as well starting with their brand-new CorePilot advanced task scheduling algorithm which helps optimize performance by sending tasks to available CPU or GPU cores.  MediaTek is getting into the fitness game too with its non-contact heart rate monitoring solution which utilizes a smartphone’s camera to get an accurate reading as we’ve seen on many phones out there.  Full MiraVision 2.0 support for top-tier display mirroring and what MediaTek is touting as the world’s first TrueBright ISP engine for ultra-sensitive RWWB displays are included as well.  Last but of course not least is the new radios included in the package which boast WorldMode Cat6 LTE, supporting 2×20 carrier aggregation with 300/50Mbps data speeds.  Overall MediaTek’s newest chipsets look like a kick in the pants to the competition and it’ll be great to see some seriously increased competition in the mobile market later this year.