Maps Update Includes Route Destination Closing Times


Many of Google's micro-services and apps have been receiving a number of interesting updates of late. One of those is Maps. Back at I/O at the end of May, Google announced that they planned to bring Maps to android, as a completely self-sufficient offline tool. Making it possible for those with a poor data connection (or just looking to save on data usage) the opportunity to use Maps unrestricted and unhindered by having a connection. This includes the ability to make use of turn by turn directions and even pull up place and retail information and opening hours. However, that full update was announced to be coming later on in the year. That said since I/O, Maps has still been receiving a number of updates adding to its functionality.

About two weeks ago, came reports detailing that Maps now offers users a much more functional ability to see transit info. Although, this is a feature which has been in use on Maps for some time, the latest update meant that users could receive much more accurate real-time transit information. Even more importantly, Maps would 'know' if you were running late for your connection, next train or bus and would suggest alternative routes that you can take which compensates for the missed connection.


Well, following on from that last note, Maps also seems to be updating a feature which would provide a similar function for driver's. It seems the latest update to Maps allows drivers to receive more advanced real-time information on their route. for instance, if you are driving to a specific location that has dedicated opening hours, then Maps will advise you if you are likely to make it or not before it closes. Taking into consideration the pre-determined route, current traffic conditions, Maps will let you know if the place will close before your scheduled arrival time. Although, this might sound straightforward and not particularly needed for most drivers, it does save you the time of checking when a place does actually close and having to factor the current traffic. If you know you are running close to the closing time but have not checked, you will not have to. Maps will tell you.

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