LG Smart Clean Offers A Way To Maintain Your G4

June 22, 2015 - Written By David Steele

The LG G4 is one of the finest smartphones released so far into 2015 and contains many features and benefits, such as LG’s decision to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor paired up with 3 GB of RAM, that gorgeous QHD screen and the superb rear camera. However, like all Android devices, over time it will gradually start to become clogged up with old, redundant data, applications and temporary files. This accumulation of junk happens through a number of ways such as applications crashing during a process, or the device rebooting. In the case of the LG G4, the smart clipboard can leave data fragments on internal storage plus the camera leaves image data when used in JPG / raw format. This clutter robs our devices of space and processor cycles: things start to slow things down. On some devices, we can download one of many device maintenance or cleaning applications but in the case of the G4, LG have provided us with the Smart Clean utility, built into the Settings menu.

To access Smart Clean, head on over into Settings, then into General. Scroll down to close to the bottom of the screen and access the Smart Clean option. It’ll take the G4 a moment to calculate how much space it can clear for you, but once it has it’ll give you a number at the top right. However, below this there are three areas where Smart Clean can remove data. The first is the “Temporary files & raw files,” the second is the “Download folder” and the third is “Idle apps.” Of these, “Temporary files & raw files” is the easiest to explain as this is exactly what it says on the label: temporary files that your device uses and has created as part of normal day to day use, including taking high-quality images using the camera, image thumbnails and other temporary files. If you delete this part of your device, you won’t harm anything but instead it means the device will need to rebuild the data – this means that when you reopen the gallery, for example, it will take the G4 a moment to rebuild the thumbnail database. Be aware that you might want to save any images held in raw format manually as these are not always backed up by default. The “Download folder” is also easy to explain as these are files that you’ve manually decided to save, such as images from websites, PDF files, chat logs and similar. You can see what’s in your “Download folder” using the “Downloads” application from the launcher, or a file manager. The Smart Clean utility will remove these items from your Downloads so if you need something, take a backup.

And finally, “Idle apps” and this is where things get interesting. This lists applications that you’ve not used inside a specific timeframe on the device and if you venture into Settings, you can specify how long it takes before the device lists the application. The minimum is one week: however, be aware that if you uninstall an application from here you may need to factory reset the G4 in order to get it back, so a word of caution if you see an application that you’ve not used for a time, but might still want it at some point. It may be better to disable the application rather than use the LG Smart Clean utility!

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