LG Puts The Brakes On Its VU 3 Lollipop Upgrade Plans

lg vu3 1 540x354

The little known LG VU 3 has been denied an upgrade to Android Lollipop by its parent company LG. LG VU 3 is the 3rd edition of the oddly shaped LG phablet, sold mostly in Asia. LG stated that after the upgrade to Android KitKat the company could not get a stable build for the Android Lollipop upgrade. Giving this reason LG, decided to shut it down, keeping the VU 3 with Android KitKat from now on. They gave no mention of a later upgrade to Android M, so it does not look promising for the future. Previously going by Optimus Vu it became known as just the VU 3 when it debuted in LG’s home country of South Korea in 2013. Known for its odd 4:3 aspect ratio, this version also sports a Snapdragon 800 processor and 2 GB of RAM. It also has a 13 – megapixel camera and a stylus while being capable of getting an LTE signal in South Korea.  Phones with that line of specs have either already got the Android Lollipop upgrade in most cases. At the very least they have been promised Android Lollipop in the near future. Similar phones such as the Sony Xperia Z1, Galaxy Note 3 and LG G2 all sport similar specs and all have already been updated to Android Lollipop. Denying Android Lollipop is a strange decision by LG to take with the VU 3.

The VU line was previously seen as an answer to fellow South Korean rival Samsung and their Galaxy Note series of phones. The VU line of phones unfortunately never really caught on in the U.S. with only Verizon releasing the VU 2 under the new name LG Intuition in September 2012. Debuting with tepid reviews and having the same odd aspect ratio and a stylus with no internal holder the Intuition never really challenged the Galaxy Note line. It is no longer sold by Verizon or any other carrier in the United States. Now rumors are swirling about a new LG phablet line dubbed the LG G4 Note said to be coming out in late 2015 while hot on the heels of highly successful LG G4. So with this latest news about the VU 3 being denied an Android Lollipop upgrade and with its current crop of very successful phones this might be the end of the line for the VU series of LG phones.