LG H735 Passes Bluetooth Certification

June 4, 2015 - Written By Tom Dawson

LG has got their 2015 off to a good start in a couple of ways, which started with the launch of the LG G Flex 2 back in the Spring, and then ceased upon with the launch of the G4 just recently. LG have built on last year’s design language and features in both of these phones, but have created experiences that consumers actually want, like a much better camera in more than just resolution, and a more premium look and feel without sacrificing a removable battery or microSD card slot. For LG, you would imagine that the G Flex 2 and LG G4 have 2015 sewn up for them, but it appears that LG is working on something else, or at least the appearance of the mysterious LG H735 at the Bluetooth SIG would suggest.

Smartphones these days feature all sorts of receivers and broadcast antennas in them, which means that they need to be certified as safe to be let out into the wild. In the smartphone game, the FCC in the US gives us many fresh leaks and devices to paw over before their general release, but increasingly the Bluetooth SIG has proven to be a worthy source of information. For a device to be certified safe to use Bluetooth, it must pass and meet the Bluetooth Special Interest Group’s necessary requirements. They recently certified the LG H735, a model number which differs from the “D” and “F” monikers used in a number of LG products and instead sounds similar to the G4’s LG H815 model number. Is this a variant of the G4, or a new device altogether?

Who knows at this point, as there’s very little to go on, but considering that LG have had many different variants of this H735 certified by the Bluetooth SIG it’s looking like this is to be a considerable device launch for the company. There wouldn’t be a need to certify so many variants at once unless this is a product that LG plans on launching in multiple regions across the globe, so we could have another high-end product come from LG later this year.