LG G4 Gains Root Access, Not yet Ready for Release

The LG G4 is the most recent flagship to be released by LG, and owners of the device are already anxious to achieve root access for their shiny new devices. Root access of course gives users the ability to flash custom recoveries to modify their system partitions or install custom ROMs. As usual, progress is being made and tracked over at XDA Developers and they are kind enough to provide us with a brief write up of the project. Apparently root has been successfully obtained by a developer going by the username jcase. He is a senior recognized developer over at the developer website, and through collaboration with two other users has gained root access on his own LG G4 during testing.

Unfortunately, root was only gained successfully on jcase's second LG G4 with the first device suffering from an apparent hard brick (not recoverable). While the cunning developer has managed success with his second LG G4, he deems the current methods unsafe for the general public to try at home. In a direct quote jcase stated, "I don't believe this one will ever be released, it is not easy, not safe and I am unable to package it in a way to protect it. I do plan to release a safer option when possible however there is no ETA on that at the moment."

While this may be very disappointing news for users desperately waiting to replace the stock software provided by LG with the LG G4, it should be taken optimistically. XDA developer jcase has a long history of releasing safe root methods for several smartphones over the years, the most recent being a general root for Motorola smartphones still stuck on Android 4.4.2. The fact that this method of rooting will not be released to general users does not mean that a different method won't be released soon. While it is too early to estimate when, it was stated that the LG G4 used in testing has yielded promising research results. In the end all this really means is that LG G4 owners may have to wait just a little bit longer before deleting their carrier bloatware or installing a custom ROM. Check out the video below to see the developer's LG G4 showing off root access in its current state.

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