Is Google Wallet to be Renamed "Google Payments"?

Google Payments AH

During Google I/O 2015 earlier this year, we saw the expected release of Android Pay, a major part of Android M, due to be released later this year. Competing with the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, Android Pay predictably does everything that you’d think it would. It will allow for payments over NFC, and take care of all your loyalty cards and bank cards in one, safe and secure app. All of this sounds like a natural replacement for Google Wallet, right? Well, it would appear that Wallet was to stick around, with Android Pay becoming the mobile part of the equation. Recent sightings on the Google Wallet website suggest that the service is to be rebranded Google Payments.

As Android Police have noticed, via a tip, the Google Wallet webpage has smatterings of the branding “Google Payments” dotted around. I took a look for myself, and there are numerous mentions on the website, including one listed next to the ubiquitous tickbox for promotional offers and some much further down where all the copyright fluff is found. In the UK at least, “Google Payment Ltd.” is listed as being authorized and regulated “in the United Kingdom as an electronic money institution” which certainly seems pretty official. The URL to get here is still wallet.google.com, and I couldn’t find a Wallet app in the Play Store, but then again I’m in the UK.

Android Pay definitely has a better ring to it than “Google Wallet” especially for those that jumped onboard with Google Wallet back in the good old days of the Galaxy Nexus to watch the service dwindle into obscurity. Why would Google change it to “Google Payments”? Well, it appears that for the search giant the “Google” name is worth milking, after all the device arm of the Play Store was recently simplified to the “Google Store”, as it’s a place where you buy Google products. “Google Payments” sounds like a service you pay for things…through Google, so it does make sense. Just when, or whether or not this change is real, Google will make the change permanently is unknown, but with Android Pay looming it has to be sooner, rather than later.