Intel Remote Keyboard Lets You Control NUC/Compute Stick

June 19, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Intel has seen more of a presence in the mobile space over the last year or two, and although the heart of where they operate involves supplying processors for desktop and laptop computing, they have a range of devices which are powered by their mobile chips now. They have also broken into the mobile app space with a handful of different apps being available on Android as we speak, and now their latest application called Intel Remote Keyboard has hit the Play Store for those that use either the NUC (Next Unit of Computing) or the Compute Stick platforms.

The app as you may have already guessed, allows users of the NUC and Compute Stick platforms to control their mouse and keyboard remotely using their Android-powered smartphone or tablet, using a series of taps and drags to control the mouse, and the digital keyboard interface on the mobile device to control the keyboard. This might have little use for the average Android user, but this is likely a very welcomed addition to anyone who may work in the IT field or in any business who typically has to work with NUC and Compute Stick, or any consumers who have just opted to use these smaller PC’s for their computing needs. Once you sync the app up (which is free by the way) with either your NUC mini PC or the even smaller Intel Compute Stick, (which looks kind of like the ASUS Chromebit and is essentially a PC in a dongle format) you can tap with on finger to activate the left click on the mouse, and a two finger tap will activate the right click. Move your finger over to the right side of the screen and you can find the scroll wheel accessible to drag up and down for your scrolling needs.

It’s a pretty straightforward application and one which likely won’t be the next app to reach a billion downloads, but it’s fairly useful and easy to use, and even better that it won’t cost you any extra money. If you have either of those two computing platforms which Intel has put out, you can grab the Intel Remote Keyboard app from the Play Store link below. According to Intel’s app page listing, it should support generally any Android device which is running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and up, which is nearly all of the devices at this point.