Intel MICA Smart Bracelet Android App Now Available On Play

June 20, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Wearables, at the best of times, are not the most attractive of devices. In fact, this has been one of the mainstay issues of the industry as a whole. Not to mention, the stylish qualities of wearables is what is effectively fueling manufacturers like Huawei and LG to bring to market much more design-focused smartwatches, like the Huawei Watch and LG Watch Urbane. That said, as much as the smartwatch market continues to build on the notion of design, fitness trackers and the likes seem to be lagging behind in this department. While smartwatches become more fashionable (and also becoming more functional than their predecessors), fitness trackers and other notification wearables seem to be sticking to their function over form ruling. In fact, the most recent offerings only look to offer more of a discreet option, hoping discretion itself will be fashionable enough.

Well, Intel have hoped to buck this trend with their MICA Smart bracelet which was formerly introduced at New York Fashion Week last year. One of the main selling points of MICA, is that it is effectively, a real bracelet or fashion accessory. Therefore, doing away with the notion that performance is the be all and end all. That said, MICA is still a ‘smart’ device and this means that it will still offer you a number of the ‘smart’ functions that you are looking for.

Well, it now looks like the android app that works alongside MICA has made its way to the Play Store. You might be wondering what a standalone device would need an app for when it is not dependent on your phone, well, the app allows users to choose the contacts that you wish to be in touch with. If you had been looking for a more fashion conscious device to be able to receive notifications from then the MICA might be the one. Either way, if you want to check out the app then it is now available from the Play Store, source link below.

MICA app