'Here Active Listening' Wearables Boast "Selective Hearing"


Wearable technology is generally associated with smartwatches, since those devices have been gaining a lot of attention in terms of design in the sense that they're considered fashion accessories and the functionality they provide could get much better in the future once more and more things get connected. Now, what could wearable technology do to enhance our audio experience? There's a company called Doppler Labs that is committed to improving the way we listen to every sound in our lives and they plan to answer this very question.

The accessory is called "Here, Active Listening" and consist in two wireless earbuds that are designed to make you forget you are carrying them in your ears while keeping an elegant and unobtrusive design. They sync via Bluetooth to your phone and there's an app that lets you control some sounds in a certain environment. You can literally suppress some noise or a specific sound while keeping the rest of the sounds audible. There are a bunch of situations where this could be useful, let's think about the sound of the plane engine getting in the way of a conversation or a baby crying while you try to read a document, with these earplugs, you could get rid of both (or any other) unpleasant sounds. Personally, I would use them to get rid of the voices of noisy people at a movie theater.


The companion app has some preset listening experiences like the two mentioned before, but it also has some sound effects or filters to listen to a specific kind of music so some notes can go higher or lower depending on what you are listening to. There is also an equalizer which could be particularly useful in concerts, so if you think you could mix the sound better than the sound engineer, you could make the experience better for yourself. The battery included lasts for 6 hours, which seems to be a problem, but the company includes a Charging Case to transport the earplugs while being able to charge them twice. It is part of a Kickstarter project and right now, the minimum pledge is for $179, the list price will be $249 and they're supposed to be available in December. If you're interested, go to the Source link to know more about the technology involved in its creation or to support the project.

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