Google's Latest 'Free App Of The Week' Is Now Available


Free apps are nothing new. Amazon is the masters at giving away a bunch of apps for free and do give an app away, every day. The quality of those being given away might be debatable at times, but free is still free. That said, free apps on Google's Play Store are much harder to come by. This is partly to do with the way in which Google admits apps to the Play Store and therefore, it is not as easy as flipping a switch to temporarily change the price, just yet. That is why when the news did break a couple of weeks ago, that Google had started offering a new free app each week, it was big news.

The 'free app of the week' from Google does seem to be one which is designed for kids. At the very least, apps for kids are the only apps which have become available so far. Not to mention, the actual app is offered in Google's newly formed 'Family Section', which does seem to further suggest it will continue to be a kids-only free offering. Either way though, and as already mentioned, free is free and if you are a parent then you will certainly welcome the option to download a free app for the kids.


In terms of what's on of offer this week, the app up for grabs is 'Dr Panda & Toto's Treehouse'. This one involved a treehouse living turtle and your job is to help the turtle find food, wash up and play. The app is usually priced at $3.99 (a little bit cheaper on Amazon at $2.99) but is currently now free. It is also worth pointing out that you have to make sure you are using the right link to get the app. If you search for the app directly from the Play Store, it will bring up the full price version and once you buy, you have paid the full price. The easiest way is to use your smartphone or tablet, head to Play and look for the "New Family Fun" banner. Once this is clicked, you will see another banner on the next page entitled "Free App of the Week". Once this one is clicked, the option to buy the app will appear and at the reduced cost. Alternatively, you can just click here.

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