Google Surveys Users On Play Store Search Satisfaction

At least one Google customer has reported receiving a questionnaire following using the Google Play Store search service and now we are seeing other Google customers also receiving questionnaires within applications such as Google Maps and YouTube. The questionnaire and images were posted into Reddit by user SpiderDice and show the simple survey asking if the customer was happy with the search results and the responses ranged from a simple "Dissatisfied" to "Satisfied." It appears that somewhere within Google, there is a project to work on improving the search engine within the Play Store. It's too soon to determine if the project is redesigning the existing search facility or maybe layering the current system and embedding greater filters and categorization.

If Google are working on improving their Google Play Store search engine, this is an interesting change as many users report that the Google Play Store voice search uses a different algorithm compared with the Google Now voice recognition service. Perhaps Google have invested in a different technique for recognizing voice commands or perhaps it is because many applications have a distinctive name that is easy to interpret by the voice search engine. The search facility for the Play Store also has to deal with developers (and customers) spelling applications a little differently from other competitor applications and here it's important to avoid favoritism for one spelling over another. This is one reason why it's important for an application developer to carefully pick their application name and description, as keeping it relevant will help potential customers finding the application.

As well as Google offering surveys from within applications, don't forget that Google offers the Opinion Rewards application, which is used to pay customers for their survey results. What happens here is that Google will occasionally ask a customer for a survey typically based on a combination of their demographic and recent location history. For example, it may as the customer if they have recently been to Starbucks and how did they get there - these surveys are also designed to check how accurate Google's location sensing technologies are as their location history will show how they believe where and how the customer went to a given destination. Google Opinion Rewards application pays customers a small amount after every survey into their Google Play Store balance, which can be used to buy applications, music and books (but not devices or subscription services).

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