Google+ Receives Update And Introduces Gray Action Button

June 11, 2015 - Written By John Anon

This week has been rather quiet in terms of updates rolling out from Mountain View. Of course, this is as to be expected after the company already held their latest annual I/O event and unveiled a number of the bigger updates and products that will be unveiled soon enough. However, there has been a couple of updates rolling through. Yesterday saw an update for Gmail coming through which meant that those who use Microsoft or Yahoo accounts could make better use of Gmail’s secure features. This was also followed by an update rolling through which saw Slides get a very long awaited feature, the ability to cast. Not to mention, Inbox also saw an update landing too.

Well, next on the list for this week is Google+ However, on the face of it, this does not seem to be that much of an update and instead introduces the typical bug fixes and performance issues, along with some very minor tweaks. The first tweak worth mentioning is that when you now click on a user’s profile, a loading icon will show briefly so that you do actually know the page is loading. This was missing from before the update. The other main tweak worth noting is that the ‘write new’ icon which appears at the bottom of the page (circle with pencil) turns to gray when you enter a community. It is currently unclear as to what this is for or why it does turn gray, but never the less, it does.

So, all in all, this is a rather small update for Google+ with nothing too amazing. That said, it is an update and as such for those who want to update absolutely as soon as possible, you can by downloading the update from the link below and pushing to your device manually. For those who are happy to wait and as per usual, the update is likely to be already on the way to your device. That is, if it has not already landed for you. The update will bring your version of Google+ up to 5.7 (or Click the link below to grab the download.

Google+ 5.7 Download

google gray