Google Offering More Free Movies To Chromecast Owners

If you still don't have a Chromecast by now, you've missed out on tons of great content and freebies. The good news? Google is yet again giving away free movie rentals to those who own a Chromecast. The better news? If you have multiple Chromecast devices and multiple Gmail accounts, you can redeem the free movie rentals for each device. For that though, you can only redeem a free rental once per device, and once per Gmail account. However, if you have a few, (one for each TV in the home) you can apply a different Gmail account to each device and redeem a unique rental code, so if you have a free weekend with no plans, gather up some rentals and make a movie night out of it.

The rentals don't seem to be limited to standard definition, so you can pick up rentals for either SD or HD, depending on the type of TV you have pick the one that you feel is best suited for the picture quality. The only downside here for some will be the limited selection of movies which are included in the list as a possible free movie rental. Rest assured, the list is a decent size with more than 30 or so movies to choose from, but you may have already seen the ones that interest you, or perhaps you've seen them all.

You'll find movies like Interstellar, The Kingsmen, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1, Lucy, and other new releases as well as old favorites like Inception and a few classics. Google typically hands out free rentals like this as part of a promotion every so often likely to grab more buyers of the Chromecast, so this may not be the last offer we see, but there's no time like the present to take advantage of free stuff, and there is no telling how long the free rentals will last, as the offer seems to have been around for a few days now at least. If you don't already have a Chromecast, you can pick them up from any number of places like Amazon, Best Buy, the Google Store and other online merchants and physical retail stores, and it's only $35, can't beat that.

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