Google Glass Helps Blind Dancer During Talent Audition


It seems that over the last few months (pretty much the entirety of 2015, actually), debate has surrounded one of Google’s more interesting projects, Google Glass. It all began when at the start of the year Glass graduated from the Google X labs and made its way to the next evolutionary stage within Google’s chain of development. While most took this to mean that Google were possibly abandoning the project, the opposite actually seemed to be the truth with Glass becoming more active than ever.

In fact, since then, there has been a number of reports coming through detailing all the possibilities that the next generation of Glass might entail. As such, the last few months have seen plenty of reports on various changes that might come with the so-called Glass 2.0, including the moving of the prism as well as additional units being added. So much so, in fact, that by the time Google’s IO 2015 rolled around, it was largely expected (maybe hoped for is more accurate) that Google would unveil the next generation Glass at the event. It seemed to be the right time do so, however, that was inevitably not to be the case with Glass seemingly absent from the event completely.

That said, with all of its criticisms and unknowing what is happening with Glass and when the next generation will arrive, occasionally, Glass is highlighted doing some rather remarkable things. One of those times occurred recently when on the popular TV show, America’s Got Talent, young Benjamin Yonattan turned up sporting Glass. Yonattan, who is registered blind, can only see in small detail with essentially limited peripheral vision. However, during his introduction to the Judges, Yonattan explained that Google Glass has helped him to be able to see much better and improves his overall level of vision. Of course, Yonattan does go on to explain that Glass is “not perfect” but certainly does help more than anything else. Following which, Yonattan goes on to provide the audience and the judges with his interpretational dance performance and needless to say, impresses everyone. If you are interested in seeing Yonattan in action and talking about Glass, you can by clicking play below.