Google Explains Recently Added Inbox 'Trip Bundles'


The folks over at Google have been making a number of changes to their products and services of late. Some of the more rumored ones are likely to be really important ones and maybe even game-changing, like the recently rumored Google Monthly Movie Pass, while others are more low-key and on the surface, far more minor. Well, back towards the end of May, the Gmail team made some important announcements about Inbox. The big headline announcement was they were opening up Inbox fully and now anyone could use the service without the need for an invite.

However, behind the big headline announcement, the team also announced a few functional changes that were being introduced. One of them was the ability to undo sent messages or add a customized signature. Another one of the features they announced was what they referred to as 'Trip Bundles'. This one in particular, will be of great use to anyone who travels frequently. The short of the announcement was that Inbox would now group your trip-related emails together by trip. As such, if you have many emails all relating to the same trip(s), then they would be bundled together in the same way your forum, travel or purchase emails already are.


Following on from that original announcement, the Gmail team have sent out a sort of explanation post today detailing how trip bundles work in a step-by-guide. As you would expect, the guide is rather simple and does highlight that emails will be grouped in the way that was stated, with all emails from booking your flight, to renting your car, to checking into your hotel being grouped together and in a logical order. Not to mention, that as your flight day arrives, Google Now will step in and provide up to date information on the status and departure time of your flight. The new Trip Bundles will also be able to differentiate between repeat emails and make sure to show you only the most recent (updated information). Although, the feature seems self-explanatory, it is nice to see the team emphasizing its use and highlight the direction that Inbox is seemingly trying to take in the future. Moves like this will be extremely beneficial to those who do travel and receive numerous emails about flights, hotels and the likes. Either way, you can check out the images for today's Gmail blog post below or hit the source link to read the posting in full.

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