Google Asks Artists to Decorate Self-Driving Cars


Google's self-driving car project seems to be a revolutionary one, even the laws in some countries have been modified to allow this kind of cars in their streets. The project started when regular cars were modified to include sensors and equipment that included some robotics and processing mechanisms in order to get rid of human drivers. Last year, Google introduced two prototypes of this kind of car, the one introduced in December, was fully assembled and functional while its design got more refined with a better integration of the cameras and sensors on top of it and it got tested in some roads from California. This prototype integrates manual controls so a human can take over in case of an emergency, but the idea is to remove them in the future to make it completely autonomous.

Now, Google is inviting artists from California to create designs to go along these prototype cars (covering their doors) and they will choose up to 10 illustrations that will be featured in some of them for a while in the time they are being tested in the streets. The artwork should be around the theme "my community, my neighbors", participants must be 13 years or older and they can submit as many illustrations as they want. The entries will be accepted from this year's July 11th to August the 30th. The illustrations must be sent with a few sentences (up to 100 words), explaining how their creations represent the aforementioned theme, but the art must not include any words. The art can be submitted as a physical format or digital format.


The art will be chosen according to how well the theme is represented, the creativity implanted on them including the concept, style and the use of space and color, as well as the artistic quality and skills. There will be a community event in the Fall where the cars will be showcased and the selected artists will get to ride these vehicles. Those interested in attending an information session to check the vehicles up-close and learn more about the technology behind them and why that design was chosen can go to the Community School of Music and Art in Mountain View, California on July 11 at 3pm, 4pm or 5 pm. For more specific guidelines visit the link in the source.

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