Google Adds New ADB Commands In M Preview SDK

June 15, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Using ADB, otherwise known as the Android Debug Bridge, is not something that most users are probably going to be coming in contact with on a daily basis, if at all, but it is an important part of Android as many developers need it for development purposes, and users need it for certain root related actions. It can also be used for sideloading the OTA updates if you don’t want to wait for the software to come to your device the standard way, assuming the OTA has already reached some devices and a download link has been provided.

As part of the Android M developer preview, Google has made some changes to ADB via the Preview SDK, which includes a few new commands which can be issued from the command prompt when using ADB. Included in these changes are a couple of new commands related to the sideload process, labeled as adb reboot sideload, and adb reboot sideload-autoreboot. These will both be useful for anyone who actively uses the sideload process in adb, especially if they’re looking to shave off a few seconds and save some time in the whole process as the new adb sideload command shoots users right into that particular screen, and the adb reboot sideload auto reboot command does the same following up with a reboot of the phone after everything has been completed, making it so the device boots back up itself.

There are two more commands coming along with the sideload related adb commands mentioned above, which includes adb enable-verity and adb unroot. The adb unroot command is self-explanatory, and can be used in the process of unrooting a device via the adb. Why it was decided to have been finally added as opposed to earlier is anyone’s guess, but it likely doesn’t matter much at this point that it’s included. As for adb enable-verity, it works much in the same way as adb unroot and is used via adb to reverse the adb disable-verity process. These may not be the most exciting new additions or changes to come to Android, as they aren’t something which you’ll be interacting with day in and day out most likely, but even less exciting changes can be necessary or appreciated.