Galaxy Theme Store Starting to Accept Third-Party Themes

June 1, 2015 - Written By Nick Sutrich

Samsung’s debut of their Galaxy Theme Store with the launch of the Galaxy S6 not too long ago brought about a new vision of what the company thinks about its default TouchWiz theme of Android.  TouchWiz has long been thought of by some as one of the ugliest Android skins around, and even though Samsung has made some significant stride to aid this over the past few years it’s still a point of contention for some.  Thankfully, Samsung’s Galaxy Theme Store is here to help and has delivered a handful of themes to users to date, helping them make their phone just a little bit different looking than all the other Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge units out there.

While Samsung included a few themes at launch there wasn’t necessarily a ton of variation between them, but that may be changing very soon thanks to some third-party developers that are looking to get on board with Samsung’s new theme service.  Samsung has already begun releasing new themes on a weekly basis, proving that they are serious about giving users lots of variety to choose from as well as quality.  Continuing on with this quality mantra Samsung has already started approving and reviewing third-party themes from theme designers for its Galaxy Theme Store, and a confirmation letter to one developer was already sent out to SamMobile to confirm this.

This means that theme designers out there, and there are plenty if you peruse the Google Play Store, can now submit their themes created with the theme tool to Samsung’s theme store.  As would be expected there are some terms to read through before submitting, so be sure to check those out, but designers who have been around for a while shouldn’t have any issues with getting approved by the South Korean tech giant.  The Galaxy Theme Store is being extended to a number of Samsung devices out there, but if yours hasn’t been added to the list yet there are some workaround solutions to getting partial themes to work if you’re on a rooted Samsung device.  Check that out and be sure to share what your favorite new theme is!