Galaxy S6/S6 Edge Helping To Expand Wireless Charging


The era of wireless charging is finally here, and according to recent studies, in 2015 the global wireless charging market will grow by more than 30-fold compared to last year.  Starbucks, beginning in their San Francisco and Boston stores, will offer 100,000 PMA (Power Matters Alliance) wireless charging stations in more than 8,000 stores.  Over 600 wireless charging stations in 50 McDonald's restaurants in the UK are already in use.  Other UK restaurants have introduced or are preparing to adopt the WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) wireless charging service.  It would make life easier if one standard was adopted across the board, but until that time comes, Samsung wants you to know that their new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge can handle either one.  It employees the most advanced wireless charging technology available and Samsung is heavily promoting the idea.

Samsung started its wireless charging development division in the mid-2000s and because of this operation, were able to offer both PMA and WPC technologies in one device.  Samsung began to offer a wireless charging accessory cover in 2010 for the Droid Charge.  Many Galaxy S4, S5, and Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4 owners also purchased the wireless covers for their devices.  However, many thought of wireless charging as an unpolished product – the covers were too thick, the charging time was too long, the accessories were too expensive and there were not enough public places that offered wireless charging hotspots.

With the Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Samsung was able to put two different coil patterns together to reduce the overall thickness needed.  They also applied magnetic shielding material with a new method of overlapping two types of filters with different characteristics – something that was never done before.  The entire thickness of the coil and magnetic shielding material was reduced to 0.27mm, or one-third of that in the Galaxy S5.


The Galaxy S6 series also charges faster, whether it is wired or wireless, as Samsung continues with innovations in battery technology.  In addition to Adaptive Fast Charge, used since the Galaxy S4, the Galaxy S6 introduces Cell Sensing technology.  Cell Sensing helps both with the speed in which the battery charges as well as more efficient use of the battery when discharging.  For instance, if you are playing a game that is using a significant amount of power, the Charger IC makes adjustments to maximize battery life.

What is nice about wireless technology is that people can utilize it at the home, office and more public places as the technology grows.  Samsung is working with establishments to help expand the infrastructure of wireless charging – how nice it will be to sit your smartphone down on a wireless charger while dining out, waiting at the airport or simply sitting down at your desk at work or in your chair to watch TV.  Samsung says they are proud to expand the wireless technology as a standard item on the Galaxy S6 series.  If what they say is true, it looks like all future flagships from Samsung will incorporate this built-in wireless technology.

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