Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge Reportedly Experiencing 'Expired' Toggles


With likely little arguing, the latest twin Samsung smartphones, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are two of the most popular and sought after smartphones of this year. If not the most. While part of this is due to their sleek design and highly modern approach, their success is also likely partly due to the anticipation of what Samsung was going to release, being lowered. As such, the two devices, when released, seemed to surprise the masses and instantly garner praise. So far that praise seems to be continuing with reviews and the public alike, largely confirming the devices as two of the best Samsung have ever made.

Well, there does seem to be one issue which is taking the gloss off the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge's success a little bit and it is an interesting one. It seems a number of users are reporting what appears to be 'expiring' toggles on the device's quick settings menu. Now, it is unclear as to whether this is affecting all S6 and S6 Edge users in the same manner, however, some of the toggles being noted disappearing include Mobile Data, Hotspot and Private mode. Although, different users seem to be nothing different disappearing toggles. According to some users on XDA, this is likely due to the toggles expiring from view once they have been inactive for thirty days or longer.


It does seem that Samsung are aware of the problem and are looking into a fix. That said, their responses to questions about the matter on various social media outlets, seem to suggest that they are not that close to knowing what the cause is (or more importantly, how to fix it). However, the same folks over at XDA (source link below) are offering modified APKs which seems to allow the expired toggles to be activated again. While, the toggles are being reported to be fixing the issue, as these are not official release APKs, using them runs additional risks. Either way though, if you have been noticing this issue and would like to read more about the fixes or give them a try (at your own risk), then you can by clicking the source link below.

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