Galaxy S6 Camera Proves Vastly Superior To iPhone 6


The online flame wars between Android and iPhone fans notwithstanding, there's a clear similarity between users of the two mobile platforms. Both are passionate about their respective operating systems of choice and are happy with the knowledge of their platform's superiority over that of their rivals. So much so, that absolutely no amount of hard evidence will sway their opinions one way or the other. While both iOS and Android come with their own pros and cons, two of the most often-cited and contentious issues used to be screen size and camera quality. While Apple addressed the screen size issue with their larger iPhone last year, taking away one stick Android fans can beat iPhone users with, Apple fans have always insisted their phones come with better cameras, in spite of evidence increasingly showing otherwise, especially in recent years.

PhoneArena has now come out with the results of a blind camera test they conducted some time back, where they lined up photographs taken with Samsung's Galaxy S6 and Apple's iPhone 6 and asked their readers to vote on which ones they liked the best. Of course, to maintain objectivity, readers were not told which photograph was clicked with which phone. While the end results might be what is expected from the android masses, what wasn't, was the margin. The Android flag-bearer Galaxy S6 as it turns out, topped each of the six scenes by a wide margin, and received around 90% of all votes cast, garnering a massive 27,063 votes, compared to only 3,033 votes cast for the iPhone 6.


Looking at the photographs side-by-side, it isn't hard to fathom why the result has turned out the way it has, seeing as the photos taken with the Galaxy S6 consistently looks sharper, brighter and more vivid in their color reproduction. While most of the images were clicked outdoors in natural light, the most telling images were perhaps the two photographs of a row of bottles in what looks like a bar. The photographs were clicked indoors in artificial light, and the image captured by the Galaxy S6 camera just looks that much brighter with more details and less noise. Because there's no mention of the settings used to click the images, we'll have to assume both the cameras were set to their default auto settings. Some of the photographs used in the test are shown below for you to make your own decision.

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