FLIR Returns With 2nd Edition FLIR One Plug-In Device

FLIR ONE Android

FLIR is back with a 2nd generation of last year’s mobile thermal imaging device, the FLIR One. This year’s model has a retail of $249 for both iOS and Android. Which is $100 cheaper than the original FLIR One’s out-of-the-gate price of $349. That being said, last year’s model of the FLIR One is still available for purchase at a current price of $150. Right now the iOS version of the new FLIR One is available with its Android option in pre-order and scheduled for a July release. This new edition of the FLIR One has a few new exciting changes. Firstly, this years model has four times the resolution as the previous model with a 160 x 120 resolution camera, compared to last year’s 80 x 60. This means it will not only provide prettier pictures and imaging, but also more fun uses as well. This year FLIR One also has an internal battery, so it won’t drain your phone’s battery this time around. The new FLIR One also is a plug-in device as opposed to the jacket of last year. This way any phone can use the plugin, as long as it’s the correct platform. President of FLIR, Andy Teich, had this to say about the new FLIR One “Last year, we successfully introduced the world to FLIR One, the world’s first thermal imaging accessory for a smartphone. This next generation FLIR One builds on this success by offering higher performance, broader compatibility, and compelling value proposition. And with the launch of our new application developer support programs, we expect to see new applications and uses cases emerge for this new FLIR One platform.”

This new FLIR One can also see less than a tenth of a degree, the company added “This new technology enables a host of practical applications, from identifying energy inefficiencies and water leaks in a home, to enabling safe and enjoyable outdoor exploration.” In addition, FLIR announced a new developer’s kit as well, to make it easier to build apps and programs that utilize all that the new FLIR One has to offer. Some of the new apps include a zombie mode and night vision.