Five Of the Best App Marketing Agencies


There's only so much that you can do on your own. Sure, you and your team can put together a great app that was well received after the initial launch buzz, and you've steadily built up a small core audience. This is when it's time to seek help from elsewhere. There are marketing agencies out there for every sort of product these days, but with the rise of app and game revenue on mobile platforms, it's like the Wild West out there. It's now more difficult than ever to decide on who you should trust your money with. While there are countless agencies out there willing to help, these five should give you an idea of which options to start exploring.

Stefan Bielau

Stefan BielauStefan Bielau has been around for years now, steadily helping companies realize their potential where mobile is concerned. Active since 2007, Bielau describes his work as "helping companies to achieve their goals in terms of mobile revenues, content distribution and digital expansion" which sounds about right considering that he has worked as a consultant for the likes of Lookout and HailO in the past. For a more personal touch, and for someone that has been around the app revenue game since before app stores like the Play Store got big, Stefan Bielau is worth a shot.



SOMOIf you're working on a project that will ultimately become more than just a single app, SOMO is a big outfit while looking into. SOMO is a marketing agency built to be "mobile-first" when it first started in 2009, and they're a company that gets the modern user. People are connected these days, and while marketing an app is something that SOMO can do, with app installs and promotions and even retargeting on offer, they can also help with the design and UX of your apps. A big outfit that offers more than just ROI and guaranteed downloads, SOMO can take your brand to the next level.


GameberryIf you're looking to spend some serious cash on marketing, and yours is more of a laser-focused campaign with the end goal to boost downloads and exposure, Gameberry is a great option. Based in South Korea, Gameberry not only caters to their home country, but also the United States and China. Anybody who wants to make it big knows that China is a market they need to secure, and Gameberry can help towards this goal. It's understandable that you want results, especially if your end game is getting more users using your app or game, and Gameberry is driven by quantifiable results that they stand by. For your Android marketing needs, whether it be climbing the rankings or getting the word out, Gameberry has a wide range of services available.

App Promo

App PromoApp Promo is built from the ground up to push apps and games, be them iPhone or Android titles. They offer everything you could need to get your app off the ground, including more than just ASO (App Store Optimization) and guaranteed downloads, but rather more nuanced strategies that create lasting results and continued revenues. With games like Moto X Mayhem in their clients list, it's obvious App Promo is doing something right.


AMA: App Marketing Agentur


AMA being a German-based company, they're perhaps better suited to those looking to take off in Europe, however, they do operate in the US and UK, too. AMA is a company that focuses on more than just statistics and instead looks beyond that to look at user behavior. This helps you understand what users want in either future apps or how they're responding to your marketing strategies. A great agency to try out, AMA is worth researching if you want more than just cold, hard statistics.