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Developing for Android it's quite as simple as many would make out, and while it's gotten much better as the number of major releases for Android have slowed down over the years, it's still not that easy. Creating your Android app or game is just half the battle these days, getting the word out is the other half of making sure that your app reaches the right audience. Google's Play Store is the main way the vast majority of users will download your app or game, but it's not the only place that you can host your app to be discovered online by those looking for fresh apps and games. Those who have been around Android since the beginning will remember the "Android Market" which was terrible for discovering new apps and games. Back then, sites like AppBrain and co. really started to take off, and now they still exist as alternative places for people to find new apps and games. Here are five of the best places to get your app noticed online in app finder sites.


It might have taken them quite a while, but Softpedia finally offers a mobile-centric raft of reviews. Their mobile site is now a great place to discover fresh Android apps in a professional and good-looking manner. The reviews are pretty decent and fairly to the point, but most importantly it's nice and easy for users to download your app if it's reviewed by Softpedia. There are advertising opportunities as well as a way to submit an app through their contact form, too.


Androlib is definitely not the best looking website out there and is perhaps ruled more by its advertising than anything else, but this is how sites like these survive. Androlib is a site that takes us back to the old days, and it's perhaps more suited for independent developers, as there seems to be a focus on more independent apps, which is great. There's a dev corner part of the Androlib site that gives users the option to submit apps and the ratings are determined by users.


AppBrain recently underwent a sort of redesign, and its online identity is now much cleaner and more modern in its look and approach. It's always been a great resource for Android developers and it continues to offer great tools like Android app reviews, monetization offers and more. AppBrain is a great place to host your app for discovery outside of the Play Store, and it's a trusted, and reputable source. Even if you only choose to look into one of these sites from this small list, AppBrain should be that one site.


AndroidTapp could definitely do with a little facelift, but the content is what's important here, and they do a great job of pushing new apps and games of all types to those looking for something fresh. As with other sites of its kind, you can advertise on the site, and submitting your app or game is nice and easy, too.


AppsZoom, along with AppBrain, is one of the better places for developers looking to raise awareness to head. It's free to signup, and while AppsZoom charge for certain services, listing your apps is completely free. Delightfully, their website is clean, easy to use and there's a search bar for users looking to get something specific. It's entirely more easy to navigate than AndroidTapp and Androlib and is worth looking into if you're serious about raising your app's profile online.

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