Featured: Top 10 Weightlifting Apps For Android – 6/5/15

June 5, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Weight lifting and training can be a divisive pastime. For some, it is a pastime which has the ability to be more consuming than a pastime and instead develops into a competitive sport, while for others, it can seem a daunting pastime to get involved in. No matter what your level or reason for wanting to get involved in weight training, there are a number of android apps which can help. Here is a quick rundown of ten of the apps that you might want to try.

Fitness trainer GymApp

Fitness trainer GymApp

Kicking off today’s list is Fitness trainer GymApp. This is a good app to use for anyone who wants a quick solution to finding the best possible workout routine. The app includes a wide selection of exercise routines and guidance on how to best do the exercises to maximise the results.


JEFIT Workout Tracker Gym Log


For those looking for a more specific weight training app then JEFIT might be worth giving a try. This app will allow you to record your logs so that you can monitor your training regime. Not to mention, this one includes over 1300 weight training exercises and will pre-load reps and weights targets based on your history.


Home Workouts

home work

Not everyone has the time to go to the gym and for those who prefer to workout at home, this is where Home Workouts will help. This app is designed to provide the best information and guidance for those who want to muscle build without the use of free weights or machines.

Dream Body Workout Plan

dream bosdy

OK, so there is no guarantee that this app will mean you end up with a dream body, but if you need a way to monitor your lifting routine then this app will certainly do that. Dream Body Workout Plan has the ability for you to input the weights you are using and reps you are doing and even compared the results to your previous workout.

BodyBuilding & Fitness


Next up is BodyBuilding & Fitness and this app is designed to provide details, explanations and pre-set routines to help you get the best out of weight training. Whether that means on the free weights or using machine-assisted weights, this one might be worth a download.


Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts

total fitness

Like a number of apps on this list, Total Fitness is more than simply a weight-training app but one which looks to provide details on other aspects of fitness too. That said, this one is very much a weight training app too with details and explanations of specific routines and guided workouts.


PumpUp — Fitness Community


While nearly all the apps here have focused on the actual mechanics of weight lifting and training, PumpUp is designed to be a community-based app where you can highlight your physical successes or failures. As such you can upload your gym selfies and share customized workouts or routines. Looking for a more community-based app, then this is the one.

100 Gym Exercises – Workouts


100 Gym Exercises is designed to help you get the very most out of weight training by helping you determine and target the specific weights machines which are best suited to where you want to build muscle mass. This one also includes a number of video demonstrations to further help and make sure that you are using the right weights and machines, correctly.

Interval Timer 4 HIIT Training


Interval Timer can be used for many other workouts as well as weight training, although if it specifically weight training you are doing, then this will be a great help. Therefore, if you prefer a timed based workout instead of a rep based one, the interval timer will help you keep track of how long your current cycles are and provide a prompt when you have completed your timed cycle, so you can breathe, rest and start again.


StrongLifts 5×5 Workout


Closing out today’s list is an app some of you will already be well-familiar with. Either way though, the Play description sums up this app perfectly, by stating the app is designed to be an effective workout to build muscle and get stronger. This is done by employing a strict workout that is forty-five minutes in duration and consists of simply three exercises, three times a week. Great app for those who are determined to stick with the program.