Featured: Top 10 File Browser Apps for Android

Memory Map AH 01

Android is an incredibly flexible platform and whether or not you want to move around mods or just delete files to clear up storage on your device, you’ll need a file manager to take full advantage of Android. Not all file manager apps are equal of course, and some of them offer different looks and different features. There’s a lot of choice out there, hopefully one of our Top 10 File Manager Apps will have something to offer you.

Cabinet Beta

cabinet beta

Cabinet is not only a fresh face, but also a file manager app that understands Android today. There shouldn’t be much need to go digging around in directories on Android, but for those rare occasions when you need to, Cabinet makes it easy and pleasing on the eye. The Material Design looks great here and if you’ve just upgraded to Lollipop and you want something to match the new look, this is an excellent candidate.


Total Commander

total commander

Total Commander is a file manager for those looking for something advanced and in-depth. If you just want to empty your download folder, then this is not for you. However, those that know what they’re doing and need something more advanced should find what they need here in Total Commander. Plus, many of you might have spent time with the desktop version and feel right at home here.


File Explorer

File Explorer

File Explorer by NextApp might have a generic name, but the app stands out for being fairly easy to get to grips with and there are some other features bundled in here. The folders and icons are obvious to understand what they do, and the layout is easy for newcomers to the Android platform. It’s easy on the eye and it helps to spell out what type of files are taking up storage plainly with no hassle.


Root Explorer

root file explorer

Root Explorer has been around for quite some time now, but it’s still one of the better apps out there if you need to do something more advanced, and it’s great for those looking to modify their software. It’s main feature is the ability to use root access on rooted devices to change permissions and move around system files. For that sort of thing, Root Explorer is easily one of the most reliable options out there, even if it’s not that easy to get used to.



Memory Map — Disk Cleaner

memory map

Memory Map is an interesting file manager as it’s nowhere near as granular as other file managers available in the Play Store, but it’s more straightforward and obvious. If one folder takes up more space than another, then it appears physically larger than other folders. You can use Memory Map to delete files and generally see which app or game is creating so much stuff on your device, but you won’t be moving lots of files around. For something that’s easy to use and a fresh take on how storage is represented, then this is a great app to try out.


File Commander

file commander

File Commander is a nice middleground when it comes to file managers, it ticks all of the right boxes including a decent interface on tablets as well as cloud storage and network support, but it’s also fairly unremarkable otherwise. That’s not a complaint however, as File Commander has long been one of my go-to apps. File Commander is unremarkable in that it just works, without fuss, without flare and without any hassle. Which is much better than a handful of fancy features here and there.


Amaze File Manager

amaze file

Amaze is another app that uses Material Design to get to people’s hearts, but where it goes after that is pretty impressive. Not only is the app built using open source technology, but there’s a way of connecting with other users through a Google+ community. The UI here is good-looking and obvious to use, while there are advanced features like root support as well, making this a slick app to solve most of your issues in style.


ES File Explorer File Manager

ES file

ES is one of those apps that at first doesn’t look like much, and all those options and settings can be a little daunting. However, once you scratch just a little bit beneath the service you’ll find an app that can pretty much do anything. it’s great for local network support, it manages archives and many different file types well, even external storage like USB flash drives and more. If you want a file browser guaranteed to do everything, ES File Explorer is a good candidate.


Solid Explorer

solid explorer

If you want something slick and easy to use with a good handful of advanced features, then Solid Explorer is a good option, it even has support for the Google Chromecast. While nothing sets Solid Explorer aside from the rest when it comes to interacting with your files, this has great network support and it’s a well-polished app that’s regularly updated.


File Expert HD with Clouds

file expert

File Expert HD is something we reviewed some time ago, and as the name suggests, there’s an emphasis on cloud storage here. What is also nice is that file types are made nice and easy to find no matter where they might be on your device, and the whole system works really quite easily. It also looks like and features a tab system to that of Google Chrome, so it’ll be familiar for the vast majority of Android users.