Featured: Top 10 Caller ID & Blocking Android Apps

Privacy, continues to be an increasingly important aspect for devices owners. While data seems to be one of the most important security topics hitting the headlines, keeping your phone safe from unwanted callers, spammers and the likes is equally as important. With that in mind, here are ten apps worth checking out which can provide you with a richer caller identification and blocking experience.

Truecaller - Caller ID & Block

Starting off today's list is one of the more well-known Caller ID apps. Truecaller offers its users a very effective way to monitor who is calling and uses its vast social element to determine which numbers are Spam. More recently, Truecaller partnered with Cyanogen to bring their app to Cyanogen OS.

Whitepages Caller ID & Block

Whitepages Caller ID is another highly popular caller id and blocking app. This one also offers the ability to see who is calling, as well as text ID and protection from spam. Not to mention, you can block all the contacts you do not want coming through to your phone.

Caller ID +

Caller ID+ is another all-inclusive app and as such can offer a dialer function, as well as the caller identification, blocking and call logging features too. This is also quite a customizable option, so if you prefer a little more individuality with your caller ID, then this might be worth a try.

Whoscall- Caller ID&Block

Whoscall is another longstanding and popular caller ID app. Like most of the rest on the list, this one provides the ability to monitor and display caller information regardless of whether they are in your contacts are not. Not to mention, block the numbers which the system deems to be spam or junk calls.

True Contact - Real Caller ID

True Contact is another great option for those looking to have a more informed call receiving experience. As well as the ability to identify callers, this one will identify their location as well. Not to mention, uses its extensive social media knowledge to further help improve the quality and accuracy of the identifications.

CallApp - Caller ID & Block

CallApp is another biggie in the caller ID world and is already been used by a large number of android users. That is not surprising though as this one offers support in over 200 countries. As such, might be a great option if you often receive lots of international calls.

Contactive - Free Caller ID

Contactive is another great option for those that want a more secure and informed phone life. As well as pulling caller information from their vast database, this one places an emphasis on integrating social media information and profiles too. Resulting in a rather in-depth level of information on who is calling.

Caller Name Talker

While a lot of the options here are designed to make sure you know who is calling from an unknown number, this one looks to make sure you know who is calling without having to pick up your phone. Caller Name Talker will speak the name of the person calling. Unfortunately though, this only works for callers already in your contacts list.

Real Caller-True Real ID Caller

Real Caller has an interesting take on caller ID and as well as offering most of the other features on this list, this one looks to help those trying to contact people from an unknown number. As such, you can pre-set how your name will appear on their caller ID. This will not only inform the people you are trying to call, but also might even make them want to answer the call.

Full Screen Caller ID - BIG!

Closing out today's list is an app which intends to look your caller ID experience a little more pleasing. This one is a popular option for turning your caller ID information into full-screen contact information. Great if you want to actually see who is calling.

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