Featured: Top 10 Best Roadside Assistance Apps for Android

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Roadside Assistance is something everyone wants, and likely has. There are many apps out there that provide roadside assistance in case you get into an accident, your brakes stop working or worse, your engine dies. Many car makers have their own roadside assistance apps, as well as some insurance companies, which you’ll find in this top 10.

AAA Mobile

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Everyone knows about AAA? Right? Their mobile app, that’s available on the Play Store not only includes roadside assistance, but also the ability check your battery, find hotels, as well as viewing your policy. It’s a one-stop shop for your AAA membership.


Lexus Roadside Assistance

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If you own a Lexus, this is the perfect app for you. The Lexus app uses your smartphone’s GPS to figure out where you are and to send help if needed. The app will then make a call to roadside assistance and tell them exactly where you are located.


Mitsubishi Road Assistance

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If you own a Mitsubishi, they have a really great app for roadside assistance for their car owners. The app allows you to drive with an added piece of mind knowing that if you get a flat tire, it’ll be taken care of.


Mercedes-Benz Roadside

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The Mercedes-Benz app isn’t the best looking app out there, but it does allow you to get 24/7 roadside assistance, because you never know when trouble might arise. You can easily add your car to the app by the VIN number, which makes everything much simpler.


OnStar RemoteLink

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OnStar is GM’s system for roadside assistance, although it does do a whole lot more these days. As GM did just recently announce Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support coming to OnStar. The app allows you to check the fuel, as well as the lights, and even turn on the car from your phone. No matter where you are.


AARP Roadside from AllState

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If you’re an AARP member, then this is an essential app. It’s roadside assistance provided by AllState. This app was designed exclusively for AARP members and includes 24/7 roadside assistance for their members.


Mazda Assist

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Own a Mazda? This is the roadside assistance app that you need. It’s just for Mazda models and provides 24/7 roadside assistance to their customers using their phone. The app will use your GPS to figure out where exactly you are and send help. You can choose if you are in a safe location, or if you need emergency help.


Allstate Roadside Assistance

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Do you have Allstate for your insurance? Then this app you’ll want to take notice of. It provides you with emergency roadside assistance, because you never know when trouble might occur. You can also request service through the app at your local mechanic’s shop. Which makes things much easier.


Acuralink Roadside

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Acura also provides roadside assistance to their customers. Which gives them an added piece of mind, in case trouble arises. You can select from a number of normal issues like battery dead, car wont start, flat tire, etc., which will get you the appropriate help even faster.


Audi Roadside

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If you own an Audi, I’m officially jealous of you. But also you should be taking advantage of their Roadside app that’s available in the Play Store. Their roadside assistance partner is Allstate, so you’ll be getting the services through them, basically. The app pulls in your car’s basic information, this is to differentiate it from everyone else.