Fake Galaxy S6 Sold to Unexpecting Man

June 24, 2015 - Written By Cory McNutt

There are a couple of unfortunate facts about this wonderful world of ours – one of them is that some people will do anything to make a buck and another is if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is…or let us shorten it to simply ‘buyer beware.’  This is a tale of a guitar_guy25 from Toronto, ON, Canada that spent $650 on a fake Samsung Galaxy S6, and as you can see from the pictures he took, it looks pretty damn real.  He bought the phone off Craigslist from a seller calling themselves, ‘Kijiji,’ which may have been a clue in itself, but he was a trusting soul and admits that he does not “follow smartphone technology at all and wasn’t aware of how risky and stupid it is to buy a phone off of Kijiji…”

He knew that he could buy an unlocked Galaxy S6 from Virgin for $739, but thought he could get it cheaper elsewhere so he went shopping on Craigslist – saw the picture of the box, emailed Kijiji, spoke to him on the phone and agreed to meet with him at a local McDonalds.  He took the Galaxy S6 out of the box, peeled off the protective film that had all of the markings, and booted it up and the device produced the home screen.  The buyer’s phone did not have a nano sim card, so the seller showed him that it worked with his, even showed him a receipt for proof of purchase, so he handed him over $650 in cash and both went away happy.

Guitar_guy25 was happy until he got to a Virgin Mobile store to get a nano sim card.  There, the customer rep upon trying to put in the card informed the guy the device was a fake.  The rep went in the back and brought out the legitimate box and device and immediately the unsuspecting buyer knew it was a fake.  The receipt was fake and he was out $650, which he has accepted, but what he cannot accept is that Kijiji is still out there scamming others.  The police told him it was a civil matter and they will not get involved, so guitar_guy25 is left with wondering how to stop Kijiji, who is still listing things on Craigslist and is still out his $650.  Like he says, inspect the device thoroughly, take someone with you that knows their devices, or better yet, buy it at the dealer in the first place.