Facebook Release New Moments App For Photo Sharing

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Taking photos has become a very popular thing for people to do with their smartphones, almost everybody does it these days. People especially love to take photos with their phones when they are hanging out with their friends or family. Despite this, there is always that one thing that you wish you had taken a picture of while on that trip to San Francisco with your group of friends. Chances are though, that one of your friends did get a shot of that thing with their phone, but you will probably never know that and will never get that picture.

Today, Facebook released a standalone app that they hope will solve issues like the one described above. The app is called Moments and it is designed to give everyone who was on that trip to San Francisco all the photos that were taken collectively. More specifically, the Moments app uses location, time, and facial recognition to determine when you are hanging out with your friends, then it syncs all of your photos together with theirs into one private album. This album can then be viewed by you and all of your friends that were involved. Of course doing this will require both you and your friends to opt-in to the photo syncing. All of the private photo albums that are created using the Moments app, will be stored within the app. The app will keep all of your albums organized for you and will even allow you to search through them if you desire. Also, if you want to share these albums you will easily be able to do so from within the app. It will let you share the albums to Facebook, Messenger, or Instagram.

The moments app is available today on Android. All you have to do is head over to the Play Store to get your hands on the new app and try it for yourself. Also, something to keep in mind that this app is a completely standalone app and will be treated as such on your device. To find out more, you can read the press release from Facebook by clicking the source link below.